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How to Throw a Halloween Banger


Step 1: Location Location Location


Backyard parties just hit different. They also help with the ~spooky vibes~. And let’s be real, they require less cleanup (no Bangarang spills to mop up!). We need fresh air and room for activities, people!


Step 2: Preparation 


  1. #TheBigBanger is in high demand, so make sure your local Beer Store is stocked before making the trip. Pro tip: click here and insert your postal code to find Bangarang near you. No Bangers available? No problem! We offer delivery across Ontario, use this promo code “SPOOKYBANGER” for 15% off your order at 

  2. Decorations. Because what’s a Halloween party without some spider webs and jack-o’-lanterns? Visit your local Halloween store and put that sh*t on everything.

  3. Invite your friends! Don’t worry, we even drafted up this message to blast out:


“Dear people I don’t see often enough,


I’m throwing an epic Halloween BANGER at (location) on (date), starting at (time). Costumes = MANDATORY. The theme is “BANGERS”, basically anyone who inspires you to rock your face off. This could be an artist, a nutty politician, etc. - let your imagination fly! 


BYOB(angarang) and let’s make this a BANGER to remember!”


Step 3: BANGARANG Coolers


Now, the GOOD STUFF. Carve out 1 or more pumpkins, fill them with ice, and load up your Bangers for the guests. We showed you how to do this HERE! 


Step 4: Music selection 


Make a killer playlist and be sure to include these three Halloween Bangers. 


  1. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett 

  2. Thriller by Michael Jackson

  3. And of course, Bangarang by Skrillex 


Step 5: Make BANGARANG proud


Make sure to tag @drinkbangarang and share your Halloween Banger with us for a chance to win $100 to Equals Beer Fridge for your next party! Happy Halloween!


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